What You Need to Know about the Instagram Shadowban

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What You Need to Know about the Instagram Shadowban

What is the Instagram shadowban?  How can you avoid it? If you have got stuck how you can get out of it? The Instagram shadow ban is when your hashtags become undiscoverable, your reach gets limited and you cannot rank on hashtags. It doesn’t mean you cannot rank on the explore page. You will only appear in hashtag feeds of your current followers which makes it hard to reach new audiences. How can you avoid IG shadowban?
  • If you have just created an account, don’t post, comment, and like a lot. This might seem you are using Instagram bots or growth tool. Just share one or two posts a day, and then increase the number after a week. Remember not to share a post again.
  • Switch up your hashtags even though you’re only using very few or you’re going to end up shadowbanned, so make sure you’re always switching up the hashtags.
  • Complete your profile. For example, upload a good picture, and add a precise bio. Not long, and also catchy.
  • Try not to spam comments or post links. If you leave spammy comments over and over or posting links you can easily get banned.
  • Do not follow excessively. The limit is 20 per hour and 7500 people totally. Try to follow wisely.
  • Don’t overuse hashtags. The limit is 30 in a post. Using more hangtags may look like abuse of the feature.
  • Don’t like posts obsessively or you’ll get banned. The limit is 350 likes per hour. Try not to like unnecessarily.
  • Don’t put hashtags in the comments section. Just move them to the caption and you’re going to be safe.
  • Never stop posting photos. This makes you seem like a fake account. Just do it regularly. If you can’t post on a daily basis do it at least twice a week.
  • Don’t mention people who don’t follow you on miscellaneous posts unless you are mentioned first. This usually happens when you are at online challenges or competitions and you have people congratulate you on the win, and you want to thank them as well. Try not to do it so much and do not mention more than five people in one comment. This rule excludes your follower and your own posts.
  • Don’t ignore community guidelines. There can be another reason to get banned, so I suggest you read the Instagram community guideline and follow the rules.
In order to avoid getting shadowbanned, try these steps. You’d better be cautious because once you get banned you don’t know how long it will take to get your account back. But if you get Instagram shadowbanned, how long is it going to take and what should you do? When you get banned it usually takes 4 hours to 4 weeks to restore your account. You can try following actions to speed up the process, though they don’t always work.  If it’s something as simple as moving your comments to a caption you’ll get out immediately but if it is something like follow, unfollow or using bots for a long time it might take a while. Some people report that they don’t get out of a shadow bin for six months! To be honest, if you just stop doing spammy tactics and you make sure you’re doing everything right then it’s safe to say you could get out of the shadow ban within one week to one month.
Possible ways of getting out If you get one of messages like “The Action Block”, use the “Tell Us” button to inform Instagram they have made a mistake. If Instagram accepts, it will ask for security information after registration via email. Instagram then asks you to write your full name, username and a code sent to you on paper and take a picture of you holding that.  Finally, your account will get restored after a few days. Another useful method to lift up the ban is editing the bio. Some people report this has successfully worked. If none of the mentioned ways work then it possibly might be your IP beings on a blacklist. In that way, any accounts you create under that IP address is automatically shadowbanned. Therefore you probably need to set up proxies or a VPN. Just keep trying these methods every day to see your ban has been lifted. There is no harm, and it cannot get any worse. This is all you need to know about IG shadowban. It takes some time to adapt with Instagram rules. If you want to grow your account for business, you probably need to do it as fast as possible. So what should you do? AiGrow is the best solution. It’s the most useful growth tools to increase your followers and to extend your business with the lowest risk of getting shadowbanned. You can automatically like, follow, unfollow, comment, and direct message to people instead of doing on your own, with maximum safety. So don’t hesitate and feel safe to join us.


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