Use Instagram on PC just like Mobile

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Use Instagram on PC just like Mobile

Use Instagram on PC just like Mobile

Instagram desktop sucks! I think you agree with me. How much you are comfortable with the app, you hate desktop. It’s due to fact that the photo-sharing network restricts users in terms of how much they can post, see, and engage with when they logged in Instagram by a computer.

In some way, Instagram doesn’t want users to just upload photoshopped photos from a computer. The goal is sharing instant photos and video clips of your everyday life.

If you log to Instagram on a browser, you are allowed to just scroll your feed, like photos, and leave comments. Also, you are able to access your notifications and the explore tab. You have no option of uploading photos or DMing people. But, there are some ways to fix those problems.

Now, you are going to see how to upload pictures to Instagram on your desktop computer. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your cell phone all the time. It can actually make things a lot quicker and easier. This way it’s actually useful and makes your workflow ten times easier.

If you’re not as experienced on the computer it might be a little weird of what you should do but there is no need to worry. Just go to Instagram on your browser-better be Google Chrome – and then make sure that you’re logged into your account.  It’s pretty simple, just the same as logging on your mobile device.

Once you are logged in, right click on the screen. Go down to inspect and then it’s going to pull up a funky looking dialog box called Dev Tool.This box is used for coders to build websites.

Now click on toggle device toolbar. Make sure you are toggled to a phone as the little dot shows up. It kind of represents the touch as if you were sliding up through on your cell phone or something like that. It is better to refresh the page because when you refresh it basically loads it as a mobile app.

Also, it gives you the ability to go to your home screen, search, and upload. You can add a new photo. It’s the same as your mobile. You can actually resize and crop the image, and write a caption.

Now, it’s on Instagram. You can check that on your cell phone or any other devices and then you can actually go through and check different stuff out you can see your recent activity. You can communicate back with people and then you can actually go in and just look at photos just as if you were on your cell phone but you get a much bigger screen.

Still, you cannot direct message. There is a better quicker way to use Instagram on your computer, which has made thing easy for you with no extra action.

Ladies and gentlemen, here you are. AiGrow Google Chrome extension – Mobile Instagram on the desktop.

A cool way to use the Instagram app for PC the exact same way you do it on Mobile. This has fixed the Instagram web issues. You can create a post and share. Also, you can add stories or go live.

Another thing about this extension which makes it the safest IG tool is when you log into your account through the extension, you connect to Instagram directly which keeps your information confidential. I say no more. Just click the link below, and enjoy.

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